Welcome to LIS Support, LLC.

"Dedicated to providing cost effective software support and resources to the Physician Office Laboratory"

Many Physician Offices face the challenge of obtaining support or other resources for their Laboratory Information System where the LIS Vendor has "sunset" the product, discontinued support for the product or requires an expensive yearly contract to render support. We at LIS Support feel there needs to be an alternative for the Physician's Office Practice that can provide the support and resources they need at a cost that is affordable.

We have heard from hundreds of Physicians and Practices with the same common complaint.

"The lab system I currently have does fine and it's paid for! Now I am being told that I have to spend thousands of dollars to "upgrade" to the latest wiz-bang product to interface my new EMR"

"Why do I need to spend $1,500 to $2,000 a year for a "Support Contract" when I need support only a few times a year? Why can't I just pay for the support when I need it?"

"My LIS vendor has "sunset" the Lab System I have and soon I won't be able to get any support. I can't afford to buy a new Lab System but can't afford to be without one. What can I do?"

"I want to update my Lab and get a new affordable Lab System but I have thousands of patient records and patient reports in my current lab system. I need to get the patient data moved to the new LIS and retain the patient reports for CLIA. I am being told that unless I "upgrade" to my current vendor's latest system I am out of luck"

We see these and more concerns every day. That is why we formed LIS Support!

A word about the Vendors (Don't blame the Vendor)

LIS Support founders have been on "both sides of the fence" (see about us). Technology changes in our modern world at a blinding pace. From a Vendors perspective they face the challenge of "keeping up" in a fast changing market. The demands of the market dictate that the Vendor must respond to stay in business but because of technology changes it is not feasible to meet these demands by adding/modifying legacy software to meet them. At some point in time continuing to expend resources to support and add features to a legacy system becomes economically impossible. The result of this is the "sunset" of a legacy product and the reduction or elimination of support. They are in business, just like you, to make a profit. Of course, there is no reason why you should suffer which is why we have LIS Support, LLC.!

How does this work?

There are no expensive contracts to buy and no long term commitments! A simple registration is all that is necessary. Often times, through our partners, we can find sources for; options (like EMR interfaces and Instrument interfaces) for your LIS, partners that specialize in CLIA/COLA that can help you meet your regulatory requirements, even replacement instruments at attractive prices. All part of the services we provide. You can take a look at Services and see all that is available and a summary of the costs. Please note that while our staff strives to be knowledgable on as many different systems as possible, we do not have expertise on all available LIS systems. This does not mean that we cannot support your particular LIS but rather we may need to find a partner that does have the expertise. We are a growing business and add new partners and expertise daily. Check under Services to see which systems are currently supported and to what extent.

What do I get when I Register?

You can see the complete details under Services, but in summary you get access to both Phone and e-mail support for your LIS and an introduction to any of our partners that may be able to help your particular situation. Note that LIS Support does not receive any compensation from our partners. We chose our partners to provide the services our customers need and feel that the world has enough people "skimming" off the top and raising the costs.

I have questions before I register

We understand. Please feel free to e-mail us at info@LisSupport.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

How do I get started?

Registration is simple, select Registration, fill out a simple form, and your are done! It usually takes less than 5 minutes to register and your can get immediate assistance after registration.